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Family Law

family law
Family Law is the area of law relating to relationships within the family. If your concerns or issues fall under one or more of the following categories, Mark A. Ambrose will be able to represent you and assist you with your legal needs.



Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage


A divorce is the process of terminating a couple’s marital status. We understand that separating from one’s spouse can be very difficult and emotional. At the Law Offices of Mark Ambrose we will help ease your stress by assisting you with your legal needs until your divorce is finalized. We’ll help you with all issues relating to the divorce process including but not limited to, child custody, child support, alimony, property division, etc.


Child Custody

child custody
If you need help obtaining child custody orders, Mark Ambrose is the one to turn to. Child custody issues generally involve parents who are separated from one another. In these cases the court makes orders to determine which parent has legal and physical custody of the children involved. The court will also makes orders to determine a visitation schedule for both parents based on the best interests of the children. The factors the judges look at include the health, welfare, and safety of the children. Custody cases also include attending mediation prior to the court hearing to give the parents an opportunity to meet with a neutral third party who will assist the parents in developing their own parenting plan. The mediator will also make a recommendation to the court as to what he/she believes is in the best interests of the children.


Child Support

child supportChild Support is a court ordered payment that one parent must provide to the other parent in order to ensure that the needs of the children are being met. These payments are based on factors such as the incomes of the parties and the amount of time they spend with the children. In some cases the issue of child support is directed to the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS), a county agency designed to bill and collect on child support. Whether your case is part of an existing custody case or with DCSS, Mark Ambrose will be able to represent you.


Spousal Support (Alimony)

In California, alimony is referred to as spousal support. Spousal Support is when a party is ordered to pay his/her spouse a certain amount based on the parties incomes during and/or after a divorce. Spousal support is meant to allow each party to live based on the marital standard of living during the marriage. The court will also look at the length of the marriage to determine the length of time spousal support will be ordered.



Restraining Order/Civil Harassment Restraining Order

A domestic violence Restraining Order helps protect you from a person when you have a close relationship and is abusive. A Civil Harassment Restraining Order is usually sought against a neighbor or a roommate who is abusive or engages in threatening behavior.




A guardianship allows an adult to be the legal guardian of a minor child. Guardianships do not take away any parental rights to the child, but rather allows the guardian to perform tasks such as enrolling the child in school, taking the child to see a doctor and other responsibilities a parent may need to do. A guardianship is not always permanent as it can be terminated.






Mark A. Ambrose

Mark Ambrose


Mark A. Ambrose’s strong background in law comes from his studies in the following:

• Graduated in only 3 years from Sacramento State University with a B.A. awarded in 1984.
• J.D. degree from Whittier College School of Law in 1988
• Admitted to the California Bar in 1989

Memberships and Community Service:

• Member of the Sacramento County Bar Association, Family Law Section, 2008
• Member of the Christian Legal Society 2008
• Past President of the Wiley Manuel Bar Association (Association of African American Attorneys, Sacramento, CA) in 2000.
• Past Treasurer of the Wiley Manuel Bar Association in 2001 and 2002.
• Past committee member of the Sacramento Unified School District’s Student Retention Committee
• Past committee member of the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Black Education Committee.
• Rosemont Community Association Board of Directors, 1995-1997
• Founder of Rosemont Youth Football and Cheerleading 1998
• Past President of Rosemont Youth Football and Cheerleading, 2001-2002
• Past President of Rosemont High School’s PTA in 2004 and 2005

Mark Ambrose has been married for 29 years to Carla Ambrose, LCSW who is a therapist. Together they have two sons.